Supplier of Land Registry Maps, Title Deeds and Land Registry documents for the UK.
Land Registry searches are the main source of information relating to home and land ownership, mortgages, charges, easements, restrictive covenan
s, prope
rty boundaries, rights of way, past ownership and house prices.
We provide a professional, efficient and speedy service both to individuals and to commercial organisations and operate a same-day service for the majority of our searches.
Land Registry Title Registers, Title Plans and most other conveyancing searches are available to all members of the public, whether or not they own the property.
Searches are conducted by real people and one correspondence is established you can continue to get through to the same person as often as required.
- a title register where you can find out who owns the property, price paid/value stated information 
if sold since April 2000 and any rights of way or restrictions on the land noted on the register for only £14.99 View title register example
- a title plan defining the property on a map for only £14.99 View title plan example
- combined title plan and title register £24.99 View title and plan pack example
We use a combination of different searches and mapping to identify property that does not have a postal address, and you can either identify the land using our digital mapping, upload your own map to us, or provide us with a nearby postal address and we will identify the land for you.

Obtain Official electronic copies a Title and Plan as above for the same property at a discounted price.

A title register generally includes:
property description,
mortgage lender (if any),
price paid/value stated,
rights of way etc.

This is in 3 sections, the first displaying the date of first registration, tenure, address and easements. The next section provides ownership details, purchase price, date of purchase, restrictions on the power of sale and personal covenants. The final section contains details of mortgages, charges, restrictive covenants and other burdens.
The title plan shows the land owned on the map. The title plan shows:
the title number of the land,
the land included in the title edged in red, 
the scale at which the plan is drawn
A large scale OS based plan with an outline of the property and those nearby, displaying buildings and land affected by easements & burdens.
The title plan boundary is available in kml or gml format for use in your own gis software or viewing in google earth.
LandRegistry-UK is a private organisation and we procure our documents with the consent of various Government offices and environmental search agents. We are independent and are not affiliated with Government offices. We do not sell documents that are available for free from government departments.

Title Register £3.00
Title Plan £3.00
Flood Risk Report £9.00