Land Registry Maps, Title Deeds and Land Registry Documents for the UK

Land Registry searches are the main source of information relating to home and land ownership such as:

  • mortgages, charges,
  • easements,
  • restrictive covenants,
  • property boundaries,
  • rights of way,
  • current ownership and
  • house prices.

We provide a professional, efficient and speedy service both to individuals and to commercial organisations and operate a same-day service for the majority of our searches. Land Registry Title Registers, Title Plans and most other conveyancing searches are available to all members of the public, whether or not they own the property.


Map Search

The map uses Google Maps with Land Registry Freehold boundaries overlaid. You can check your own freehold boundaries for free and you can use the property code to place an order for a copy of the Plan, Register or both.


Obtain Official electronic copies of the Title Documents and Plan (Map and Boundaries) for any property combined in a single document.

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A title register generally includes: property description, ownership, mortgage lender (if any), price paid/value stated,rights of way etc.

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The title plan shows: the land holding displayed on a map, the title number of the land,the land included in the title edged in red, the scale at which the plan is drawn.

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Land Registry-UK is a provider of land registry documents and added value services and is not affiliated with the HM Land Registry. Title documents are desired for many reasons, such as certifying that you own your home, discovering who owns another house or land, boundaries, property prices, previous ownership, covenants, Rights of Way. You can apply for our Land Registry Searches, whether or not you own the property. Most documents are received by you the same day as ordered, often within minutes, and payment is made online via our secure and confidential ordering facility.