Title Plan

When a property is registered the Land Registry prepare a title register and a title plan. The title plan shows the land owned. Each title plan is stored in our computer system under a title number which is unique to that property. Title plans are prepared on the latest Ordnance Survey map available at the time of registration and are not updated as a matter of course.

  • Title number of the land
  • Land included in the title which is normally edged in red. There may be other colours or markings on the plan. The significance of these is explained in the register
  • Scale at which the plan is drawn
  • Location in by reference to the Ordnance Survey map
  • Registered easements (e.g. rights of access, parking rights, drainage rights) are indicated by coloured markings.
  • North point.

In order to obtain a copy of the Register and/or Title Plan, click on the link below and complete the order form.

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